COREology is more than just a fitness program, it is a transformative journey towards a new lifestyle. Our mission is to help individuals focus on their core, which serves as the essential stabilization of the body. By strengthening your core in a balanced and methodical way, you will attain correct posture, which ultimately leads to muscle balance, flexibility, and a full range of motion.

At COREology, we understand that achieving core balance is key to unlocking your full physical potential. With this balance, you can increase your mobility, shed unwanted weight, build muscle, and heighten your endurance while simultaneously building a stronger immune system.

Our founder, Wilbur LaSane Jr., is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Coach, and Performance Enhancement Coach with over 30 years of experience training and developing military personnel, officers, and athletes. Wilbur’s passion for strengthening the core stems from his belief that it serves as the foundation for all body movements, from low-intensity exercises to high-intensity workouts.

Join us at COREology and let us guide you on a journey towards achieving your fitness goals. Our program is designed to help you create a customized plan that aligns with your personal needs and goals. Invest in your body today, and experience the transformative power of COREology!